Sometimes ya just gotta move to Copenhagen

It's been a wonderful run of things, sharing the nights with all you party animals and seekers of good hidden fun. But all good things must end, and so our two-year project has now reached the time to pick up its feet and move onto Denmark.


Yep. For those of you who've had the chance to join us out in Athens' most delightful corners, you've surely heard how the heart of this team and the birth of the company comes from a Canadian and a Dane. Well, there's a wedding scheduled this summer, and we both are gonna be at it, putting rings on each others fingers...


Which means Bon Voyage to Athens and some airline tickets north. 


When it comes to the great joy of the Ghost Crawl though, we are feeling heartbroken we can't be there to show you all our favorite gems anymore! Or to scare you with tales of toe-chomping pigs, and wily little Max on the third floor of the art gallery... We are most definitely hoping the lost bride will be reflecting her white eyes into our window come July though!


So to leave you at least with a little crash course on all rare things Athenian, follow the link to our brand-newest page as we dish out a few Greek nightlife secrets for you. Just a short list of spots that have made the last two years such a delightful success!


Do feel free to check out the rest of the pages to see what the glory days looked and felt like for us here, and perhaps we'll see you out for chocolate cake on one of our future vacations down. Explore well, daring travelers, and make sure to get onto the sideroads! The Athens Ghost Crawl is sad it won't be with you, but...... may the spirits live on!